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MPB d.o.o. Split

Concrete plants


MPB d.o.o. currently has three concrete plants where concrete is produced in compliance with the HRN EN 206-1:2006 norm. Quality management system is in compliance with HRN EN ISO 9001 standards.



All our products are delivered with a Conformance Statement. If requested in time, we make concrete customized especially to suit your needs.

Rolling stock


Raw materials for concrete preparation and fresh concrete are transported by our own means of transport, to ensure safe, prompt and quality delivery..

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M-P-B d.o.o. is a company specialized in production, transportation and placing of concrete. The company started its operation on 8 June 1993, as a continuation of a company registered in Split in 1987 for the transportation of concrete and placing of concrete using a truck-mounted mixer pump.

WHY US? Our company’s main activities are concrete production, transportation and placing. Thanks to the annual production of ca. 120,000 m3 of concrete, the company is in the very top of concrete producers in Croatia.

Concrete plants at various locations and our rolling stock guarantee that every job taken upon ourselves is going to be done professionally, in high quality and timely fashion.
To best meet our customers' needs, the company introduced a quality policy and quality control according to the ISO 9001 standard.

The fact that the quality of work comes first in our company is confirmed by the fact that M-P-B d.o.o. was the first company in the region to obtain a certificate of factory production control according to Croatian standard HRN EN-206-1...       read more...

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MPB d.o.o.
for production of concrete and related products
Sirobuja bb, 21000 Split

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Phone no. for orders: Tel: 021/ 374-473, Fax: 021/ 455-168



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