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MPB d.o.o. Split
About Us

The main activity of M-P-B d.o.o. is production and transport of concrete. The company was founded in 1987 when it offered the services of concrete transport and placing using truck-mounted mixer pumps.  In 1993, our activity spread to the production of concrete, which presently reached the number of enviable 120,000 m3 of concrete produced a year.

The company has concrete plants at various locations as a guarantee that the ordered concrete will be delivered in time.
The transportation of all composite raw materials is done using our own resources, ensuring the reliability of delivery.
The complete oversight of concrete transport is centralised and managed by a dispatcher. To resolve the potential issues as soon as possible, all trucks, mixers and pumps are connected via a mobile phone network. Communication with customers and communication within the company is made possible by mobile phones, landline telephones, fax machines, Internet and in-house meetings in our offices.

From the very beginnings to this day, the company has operated in line with the approved building regulations and hence possesses all the valid documents.
All employees are adequately trained for performing particular jobs.


Our business activities are adapted to accommodate our customers' demands. The main goal of our business operation is the satisfaction of our customers. We will be glad to provide information and counsel you in choosing the right product for your needs. We guarantee you a quality product!


Raw materials used in the production of concrete (cement, stone aggregate, admixtures) are verified and supplied only by approved suppliers to ensure their high quality.
Raw materials and products are stored in a manner ensuring their protection from deterioration and damage. The condition of a stored product is constantly monitored to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Batching is automated and the measuring is done by electronic scales, which are controlled and calibrated on regular basis.



In line with the principles of sustainable development M-P-B recycles concrete in its plants, using installed separators. This way the entire liquid waste remaining after rinsing and washing of mixers and concrete pumps returns to production again, after being recycled.  Using this closed system of production, the waste is disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.
M-P-B's strategy is systematic development in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


Quality control system documentation was prepared observing the principles of HRN EN 9001.
Quality control and concrete conformance is verified by an accredited laboratory, AKSIOM d.o.o.,  and IGH d.o.o. PC Split.
Aggregate and cement production are constantly monitored by Institut građevinarstva Hrvatske, PC Split, whose experts closely collaborate with M-P-B to achieve the best possible results in concrete production.

The inspection of factory production control is performed by an authorized institution IGH, PC Split.


mpb-transportThe company has truck mixers for safe transportation of fresh concrete, a mixer pump, truck-mounted mixer pumps with different boom lengths for placing concrete into structures, tippers for the transportation of concrete aggregates and tank trucks for cement transportation. It also has business cars for our expert’s visits to construction sites and communication with customers in general.

The abovementioned means at our disposal guarantee that every job will be performed with high quality and in time, and according to the customer's expectations, which is one of our company’s main goals.


All our employees easily perform their jobs in accordance with the quality management system and thanks to their adequate education and working experience. All employees have passed the Occupational Safety test under the Croatian law and special training depending on the type of their job.

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MPB d.o.o.
for production of concrete and related products
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Phone no. for orders: Tel: 021/ 374-473, Fax: 021/ 455-168



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