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MPB d.o.o. Split
Maintenance is an independent unit of MPB in charge of the maintenance of the rolling stock and the plant both for MPB and other business entities.
A team of locksmiths, mechanics and electricians with many years of experience in maintenance will perform any task successfully and in timely manner, which can be seen from the extensive work we performed so far.

Maintenance description:
  • Complete mixer overhaul (vehicles and upgrades)
  • Servicing and repair of concrete pumps
  • Modernizing concrete batching plants, finding new solutions, mounting and dismounting, repairs and innovations in batching plants with a series of new and practical solutions.
  • Repairs and maintenance of other machinery (loaders, fork lifts)

We guarantee all our customers that their order will be executed with high-quality and on time.

Tel: 021 269 943
Fax: 021 269 944


Contact Info

MPB d.o.o.
for production of concrete and related products
Sirobuja bb, 21000 Split

Tel/Fax: 021/473-908, 473-909, 473-910, 473-911

Phone no. for orders: Tel: 021/ 374-473, Fax: 021/ 455-168



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